Private and Semi-Private Sessions, Workshops and Programs

ADK Yoga offers a range of ways to explore the different practices and techniques we teach with private and semi-private sessions. These can be taught at our studio and off site ( private homes, offices and other locations arranged by the client). We also offer workshops, programs and special presentations for companies, agencies and organizations.



If you are interested in exploring, developing and deepening your Hatha Yoga, learning more about Mindfulness Practice or would like to receive the benefit of a Restorative Yoga class consider a private or semi-private session. These sessions may be scheduled for one, two, three or more people. A private session will enable you to:

  • Receive personalized attention for your needs and interests: ask questions; find what is optimal for your body and lifestyle.

  • Explore how to use your Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness practices for more therapeutic purposes, greater ease, strength, flexibility, and balance. Receive suggestions to help you cultivate a greater sense of well – being. Discover how to work with your breath, develop breath awareness and learn breathing practices.

  • Learn how to address special needs if you have a chronic condition or illness. There are adaptations of the yoga poses through modification and using props (e.g. dealing with: limited mobility, arthritis, joint injuries, back problems, and other physical injuries).

  • Learn meditation techniques and how to cultivate your capacity for greater calmness and strength.

  • Treat a small group of friends or family members to a private session. Share the benefits with those you care for and love.

Downloadable brochure with more detailed information [PDF]

IN STUDIO FEES: 1 person $75; 2-10 people $100; more than 10 people = $100 base price plus $12 for each additional person. (e.g. 11 people cost $112, 12 people cost $124) Maximum group size 15.

OUT OF STUDIO FEES: 1-10 people $130; more than 10  people = $130 base price plus $15 for each additional person .(e.g. 11 people cost $145, 12 people cost $160). Travel time may incur additional cost. Maximum group size 15. Fees are negotiable.


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Adapted Hatha Yoga & Mindfulness for Well Being & Stress Management
The practices that come from Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness can be presented and adapted for the workplace as part of staff meetings, retreats or for staff development and wellness. We offer one or two hour presentations and workshops, weekly or monthly courses and programs. We will gladly discuss your interests and develop a format that will respond to the special needs of your staff. Simple ways of integrating these practices into one’s daily routine can be provided, including suggestions on how to practice at home, at work or on the road. An integral part of each workshop, course or program is an overview of why these practices may be of benefit in managing life’s challenges more skillfully, tips on how to identify stressors and develop the skill to manage stressors effectively, and how to establish a foundation of balance and well-being in our lives. The following are selected titles of some of the presentations offered: Mindfulness Practices for Self-Care; Rest, Renew & Relax, Hatha Yoga & Mindfulness for Stress Management; Being Present from Crisis to Crisis, Dealing with Burnout; Restorative & Relaxation Practices for People Dealing with Chronic Illness; Stress Management Training in the Workplace; Mindfulness and Hatha Yoga as Medicine, Chair Yoga, Office Stress Busters, etc. Please contact us and we'll be happy to explain how easy and adaptable these practices are for most settings.

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) (Download our PDF with complete details)
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) based on the work of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society, University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester. Mindfulness meditation practices offer a way of being fully aware of the present as it unfolds, moment by moment. Through these practices people learn how to relate differently and more skillfully with the stream of constant thinking and doing, which is often a leading cause of stress in our lives. This leads to stillness, relaxation and a sense of peace, gradually allowing individuals to find ways of responding rather than reacting to internal and external stressors. People with chronic illness/conditions and those interested in navigating daily stressors have found MBSR helpful. Among the benefits reported by participants are fewer and less severe symptoms, a more relaxed body and mind, greater self-confidence and sense of feeling connected in a positive way to their lives. This can be presented in a four week to eight week program, one and half hour to two hours per week. It includes material for practice at home.

FEES FOR WORKSHOPS, COURSES AND PROGRAMS FOR COMPANIES, AGENCIES AND ORGANIZATIONS: Costs vary depending on group size, travel time and structure of workshop, courses and programs. Sessions are available at an individual or group rate. Please call for information.